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Sohum Global Foundation

Mission Statement:

Sohum Global Foundation has the vision to create global healing & peace through programs & resources that will help affected individuals and international organizations along three focus areas: wildlife habitat & nature conservation; women & youth at risk; and, children & soldiers with special needs. These programs will be based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Equine Therapy and are guided by the overall principle of Sohum which is to be one with the universe.

Board members & Officers:

Chairperson & President – Devika Kamboh
Vice President and Treasurer – Layne Poma
Secretary – Yeun L. Fiedler

The Foundation will engage in activities that will help fulfill the Mission statement and include purchase of land globally, that can be put under conservation easement to allow for habitat & nature conservation efforts, and also create collaborations with local businesses and organizations that would help support these efforts and programs.

Mailing Address for the Foundation: PO Box 33, Chromo, CO 81128
Phone Number: 970 335 8773